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Move and transform data using cloud

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Bizzflow is ETL template based on standard native cloud services. It takes all the advantages provided by all thee leading cloud providers (Google Cloud Platform / Amazon AWS / MS Azure).

Fast to setup

Use our setup guide to install your Bizzflow instance in a few simple steps.

Easy to use

You don't need to be a developer to use Bizzflow. Our main goal is to make ETL accessible to everyone knowing git, JSON/YAML, and SQL.


Ranging from simple SQL transformations to super-powered Python and R data science, Bizzflow is there for you to fit your needs.

Stable and production-ready

We use Bizzflow for 15+ projects in all three supported environments with 24/7 SLAs without a hiccup.


Bizzflow lets you change, enhance, and add any feature you would like to as an open-source project.


Bizzflow is a cloud-based solution, so it's straightforward to scale up and down based on your needs.

Who already runs on Bizzflow 

Community (open-source) or managed license? 

"Cloud services evolve, as does Bizzflow."

Bizzflow managed license brings customers many advantages over the open-source version  provided free of charge at

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Every day we are being asked about the best ETL tool… Nothing is “the best.” There is an only less and more suitable solution for each case. It fits or not. We needed some building kits so that we can create the “right” ETL solution fast. That is how Bizzflow was born. Why for free? We believe that the real value comes from the care and know-how, not just moving CSV files back and forth. So why not let everybody have a good ETL.
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