What do I need to have Bizzflow?

Only thing you need to start with Bizzflow, you need “project container” in your cloud account. For Google Cloud, you need a GCP Project,  in Amazon AWS you need a separate AWS Account you need to have your own Azure Subscription. For a full trial of Bizzflow, you only need a "free-tier" in chosen platform.

What do I need to know to use Bizzflow?

Just a bit of command line, bit of GIT and bit of SQL. Almost everybody knows that!

Is Bizzflow really for free, or there is something...?

Might sound a bit weird, bud it is for free. Bizzflow is distributed under standard Apache 2 license.

How much should I pay for trying Bizzflow?

Nothing. If you will open new Google Cloud Platform account, you can use free credit, which you will get from Google and to Free Tier Level of BigQuery, which every GCP customer has.

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