What do I need to have Bizzflow?

The only thing you need to start with Bizzflow is "project container" in your cloud account. For Google Cloud, you need a GCP Project. In Amazon AWS, you need a separate AWS Account . You need to have your own Azure Subscription for Microsoft Azure. For a full trial of Bizzflow, you only need a "free-tier" in chosen platform.

What do I need to know to use Bizzflow?

Just a bit of command line, GIT, and SQL. Almost everybody knows that!

Is Bizzflow really for free, or is there something...?

It might sound a bit weird, but it is for free. We distribute Bizzflow under standard Apache 2 license.

Anyway, if you require additional service and access to direct custommer support, you might upgrade to Bizzflow managed license.

How much should I pay to try Bizzflow?

Nothing. If you create a new account on the Google Cloud Platform, all you need is a credit that will give you a free Google trial. And at BigQuery, every customer has a Free Tier Level.

Got more questions? Let us know!