Why Bizzflow Managed License?

Bizzflow Managed License brings customers many advantages over the open-source version, which is provided free of charge on bizzflow.net. The number of customers using Bizzflow is constantly growing, and with it, Bizztreat's responsible for the quality and reliable solution that Bizzflow brings them.

Bizztreat proactively maintains all components, including response to new versions of libraries and other services on which Bizzflow is built.

Regular update of the toolkit and its maintenance for all cloud providers for which managed Bizzflow is available (GCP, Azure, AWS).

Bugs reported by users with managed licenses are fixed with higher priority.

All extractors are available (only a few selected are part of the open-source version).

You have access to user support.

Possibility to participate in the new version development road map (inclusion of change requirements based on the previous discussion).

What is not part of the license?

SLA to support BI operation

Change request implementation to the data integration / visualization platform

SLA for data (cloud) infrastructure management

SLA for data quality management

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